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Earliest With The Latest

August 25, 2011

Sophpeg – I too, love a good wedding.

Last weekend the family McC spruced themselves off and headed down to the wedding of a family friend. What a gorgeous day – and, Pegs, I ask you: is there anything better than getting a bit piddled with your family and then hitting the dancefloor (brother, sister, Mum and Dad in tow) and making some shapes to Pitbull’s anthemic tune – “See somebody sexy tell ’em HEY, give me everything tonight!”. No. There is nothing better. Here’s the proof that we began the day in a sober state:

On another wedding note, MammaMcCPeg has been clearing out some of her things from the house that she grew up in this week and she found the receipt from her wedding dress! I had to share the ADORABLE detail with you – here is the back of the receipt. “Earliest With The Latest!”


Hey baby.

August 25, 2011

Hey gals,

Apologies for my absence and I haven’t got any excuse apart from busy-ness to make up for it! But I come bearing news in the realms of craft and family. Firstly – my lovely cousin Jenny is going to have a baby girl LITERALLY ANY MINUTE NOW. Not only I am over the moon that Jen and her daddy to be husband Tom are having their first ever sproglet, I am terribly excited at the baby-related craft projects that I can busy myself with! I have already finished my first one. See the pic below:

Soft Baby Dice!

Fun AND educational for baby minds. I followed an excellent tutorial on how to make this on this site:

However it doesn’t include instructions on how to applique shapes onto fabric (please don’t look to closely at the shapes as they ARE abit on the wonky side) But the structure of the cubes themselves are supereasy to make 🙂

AND my other news is that my lil sis has done extremely well in her GCSE results today and got more than enough clever points to get into college to do Hairdressing (here’s hoping I never have to pay for a hair cut ever again!) So Peg-congratulations to you Beth!!!! I’m beaming like a proud big sister should 😀

RayPeg – that’s a great looking bit of Peg merch there. Thank you for using it! I’m still keen to experiment on other Peg merch ideas – any of my fellow peglets or peg-sympathisers got any ideas??

Love KatyPeg xxx

Swatches and Shanghai

August 22, 2011

I am currently in a bit of a lull.

After the whirlwind of final collection, finishing University, leaving Nottingham and moving home – my difficulty now is working out the next step. I don’t  mean to sound so dramatic – I know its a manageable situation in the grand scheme of things – and my! All you peg’s are getting on dashingly!

And I do have an exciting trip coming up! Just after finishing in June I took part in an ”optional project” – it seemed reasonable as I was still in Nottingham so I could use the college facilities. In a nutshell – it was to produce a range of swatches (rectangle knitted fabric pieces) which reflected in the corresponding theme and to promoted the yarns. The end use would be for WGSN (trend forecasting website) and SpinExpo – a major industry yarn/knitwear trend fair in Shanghai. Somehow there were 2 places available for the students involved – and I got it! Hooray!

The swatches I produced were for the theme ‘Home Workshop’ – one out of the 6 themes we were given. One of the key words in this theme was ’embracing imperfection’ which seemed just right for me! These are predicted trends for Spring/Summer 2013 – and therefore the idea was for them to be experimental and inspiration . After sorting out the suitable yarns to reflect the theme and colour palette, it was back to the knitroom…









The techniques I used were relatively simple – using grosgrain to gather up part of the fabric to create more of a 3-D shape and a feel of movement. Applying a patch-like plaster coating to try and fit in with the ‘Home workshop’ theme and also mixing different yarns and gauges, mainly cottons or cotton blends as being for Spring/Summer, to get interesting textures or a mix and match look.

I do… Love a good wedding!!

August 21, 2011
Can I be classed as the official peg wedding reporter? I self acclaimed title which I would like to make the most of after the Royal wedding I now provide another feast for the eyes…. Miss Moss’s exclusive wedding pictures from the infamous Vogue US September issue, shot by Mario Testino.

Official wedding snaps have now been released & they are the most gorgeous of wedding pics… although we were hardly holding our breath that the bride would turn tacky on us??!!

Kate moss, one of the most famous supermodels over the world tied the knot to the Kills guitarist Jamie Hince on the 1st of July in a small country church in an idyllic setting. I am in love with 1920’s veil style & her classic, elegant dress designed by close friend John Galliano who has made Kate’s 21st and 30th birthday dresses. Hince supported a sky Yves Saint Laurent suit & the bride accompanied by no less than 15 bridesmaids (Wowzer) who wore different ivory chiffon dresses- the picture of them running to the have their picture taken is so sweet!!

The editorial images are beautifully whimsical, with an English country garden take– I had to post them especially the one with Moss’s eight year old daughter Lila Grace helping her into the car… adorable!

The Vogue editorial features Kate Moss and her rockstar husband in a number of beautiful settings & images of close friends etc… enjoy!!! Xx


The dress!!



The Veil!!

A famous face or two!!



... Dream wedding!!

 Love sophpeg… back on Friday’s promise x

Britain’s Next Top Meanie

August 17, 2011

Hi! Remember me? Long time no see! It’s been a busy few weeks – not least because I am hooked on the new series of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. I didn’t watch the last series so wasn’t familiar with the new judges but it is glaringly obvious that these people are MEAN. Who knew? I honestly always assumed that Elle Macpherson was a lovely woman who looks amazing on the school run – wrong. Julien Macdonald I thought was a funny, nice Welsh man (wrong about the nice part). Charlie Speed, that fitty who models for New Look and seems like he would be polite and complimentary if you met him? Wrong wrong wrong. And Grace Woodward (not to be mistaken for the legendary Coddington) must have been bullied or at the very least, obese in her youth because as an adult she is contemptuous and catty. In the first few episodes I was glued through the audition phase at the audacity that the judges had – throwing cutting remarks and life ruining insults left right and centre! It was worse than watching a group of 5th year bullies corner a pale, be-spectacled, be-braced, be-gingered kid in the playground.

Anyway – eventually they whittle it down to 13 girls in a house who, much like their mentors, are…HORRID. Bitching, name calling, belittling, threats, cold shoulders and everything else short of spitting are rife. If you’re wondering why I invest 50 minutes a week in this programme, it is, in short, because of the clothes. But please girls – pull it together, make us proud. If you don’t start treating others as you would wish to be treated I’m going to have to start watching you on mute.

Rant over – look at my pretty new ring!



Also, I have been getting the train to work for the past few weeks which gives me some perfect reading time. After being enveloped in Caitlin Moran’s “How to be  Woman” as recommended by EstherPeg (I AM A FEMINIST by the way!!!!) I am now on to David Nicholls’ “Starter for Ten” which is hilarious and actually caused the woman next to me to change seats this morning as I was laughing so much. One of the best perks about reading on the train (apart from not being consumed with road rage for 2 hours a day like when I drive) is that I get to show off my very own Peg merchandise, made by the fair hands of KatyPeg!! Looky looky!!


Yellowstone Boutique

August 12, 2011

Under the multi coloured bunting lies a modern yet vintage boutique sitting beneath the sign ‘Yellow Stone Boutique’. Unlike sauntering into a pristine gallery where high shine & an ultra modern glass makes the space own a pretentious feel- The Yellow Stone Boutique space feels thoughtfully positioned & welcoming. This homely arts boutique full of small yet satisfying buys, great for gifts, home ornamentation & personal accessories, gains comfort in the knowledge that its 1950’s kitchen display cabinets & retro wardrobes, along with a long leather couch offers an attractive warmth allowing the customer to venture in with ease & intrigued.

The boutique sits within the Trentham Craft Village, on the out skirts of Stoke-On-Trent. The craft Village has grown tremendously since its opening 6years ago: with log cabin stores, a warehouse craft & garden centre, a monkey park & Italian gardens- All of this obviously providing the foot fall, however I already feel that this personalized boutique has already developed its own handcrafted niche in the craft village.

The owner of the boutique Hannah Stoney fresh out of university last year, graduating from a Fine arts degree at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham to gain a first class honors. She has a unique business approach to unearth new artists. Hannah selects work without disclosing her means when attending fairs, exhibitions & trade shows too approach those who she feels would suit & work within the boutique, inviting them into the gallery to showcase. This cunningly performed, as she is therefore only helping those who have lifted their business already to a certain level, & quite rightly so, to ensure that she is not carrying people on her own business & only asserting the talents that are recognizable as business entrepreneurs. She tells me how all work sits harmoniously together in the boutique not one outweighing the others but all ceramics, jewelry, arts, screen prints & textiles complement each other to allow the homely, almost make do & mend essence.

Hannah discusses that she worked through university aiming to achieve her own space, a space which is initiated for the consumer & artists alike. ‘It is not always easy for graduates to expose their work & promote- I hope that the Yellowstone Boutique provides an opportunity to let work be admired by all.’ Hannah understands this as she is also a screen printer with her work displayed in store currently.

Post university Hannah worked in the Alan Cristea gallery in London, a dream job some would say- however the niggle of setting up a much longed for work space took grip & after 6months she cut the cord & terminated the role to achieve a business in the boutique art world. A step that was admittedly a risk however is paying off since the store opening date March 19th 2011.Yellowstone  Boutique has had support from Hannah’s mother, Steph.‘ My mum has been brilliant’ she admits ‘her help has allowed me to continue my screen printing.’ Both Hannah & her mum have both had positive feedback while working in store- as not only do the aesthetics please but the price points initiate from 1pound upwards, appealing to a wide dynamic of people… She concludes after a lengthy chat where I find myself slipping into the sofa in the centre of the room within the handcrafted textiles ‘My aim is to make art accessible to all & this is the goal of Yellowstone.’

When interviewing with Hannah it is evident that she is a headstrong personality & at first surprising with the amount that she has achieved at her age, I hope to promote a little of the Yellowstone boutique warmth to you all…

Take a peep.. You will love it! xx

Yellow Stone Entrance.

Boutique owner Hannah Stoney.


Blowing the trumpet!!

August 6, 2011
Hello to you all, yes each & every one of you- My you have all grown!!… I feel that this break could be classed as ‘the peg summer holiday’ before a fresh August start?? Either way I think we have the ball back rolling & this peg has secured a special post for next week with an interview with a boutique owner & an insight into her business venture… Anyway I wanted to so call ‘blow my own trumpet’ this week & say hoorah & raise a glass with you peglets!!

…After the turmoil of initiating a new job close friends know that however much I love my job role as a designer its really not been the smoothest of rides- I could go as far to say that its been like riding the ride Rita from Alton Towers… as after 8days into my job I was flown to Tokyo & China for 16days & with the excitement of that it was actually damn hard work- as to be honest I did not even know my role!! To then contend with the pressure of holding meetings with industry whilst still not having my feet under my desk properly &… last but not least having the boss from hell!! This being my first role from Uni, it’s not been the easiest… Moan, moan, blah, blah & so many months later… with two legs, feet flat under my desk I have my first designs in store- Yipeee.

I have 31 designs in ASOS this Autumn, having really worked closely with the ASOS buyers over the past 6months & there will be more of my styles coming in over August & September with Urban Outfitters.

Is it wrong to blow my own trumpet- ah well ~!!!

…I would like to take this opportunity on the blog to thank my fellow pegs with the countless phone calls of support- mwah!!!

Long live the peglets – See you next week xx

Urban Outfitters Wax Jacket Style.xx

ASOS - Detachable Lining Parka Style.